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  • Þrefalda kanínan
    Rabbit vibrator with anal beads With a travel lock 3 motors: vibration modes in the shaft 9 vibration modes in the anal beads & clit tickler with usb cable Waterproof Three cheers for triple stimulation! Do you love vaginal and anal stimulation? Do you prefer simultaneous stimulation? And your pearl..
    Án VSK: 23.383 kr. 28.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • G-bletta klemma
    Rabbit vibrator with 15 vibration modes Hands-free stimulation 2 powerful motors Waterproof With a travel lock Rechargeable - incl. USB cable Hands-free stimulation of internal & external pleasure spots at the same time! Flexible double vibrator mini g-spot curve vibe from happyrabbit with a clitora..
    Án VSK: 15.319 kr. 18.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
  • G-bletta kanína – slim
    Rabbit vibrator with a pronounced vibrator head 12 vibration modes Waterproof, travel lock Includes a USB cable Bunny ears for double the fun! The black Happy Rabbit G-Spot Slim is a slim vibrator with a bulging vibrator head and 12 thrilling vibration modes. A special highlight is the additional bu..
    Án VSK: 17.738 kr. 21.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • G bletta kanína
    Rabbit vibrator with a G-spot tip 12 vibration modes and 3 speeds Travel lock Waterproof USB cable This rabbit makes the clitoris and G-spot happy! The 2 energetic motors make your rabbit start to hop – and then there's no stopping it! Its slightly curved shaft vibrates in 3 speeds, which makes the ..
    Án VSK: 20.157 kr. 24.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Mini G-Spot Vibrator – Turquoise
    With this extra stimulating G-spot mini vibrator you will certainly reach a thrilling climax! The vibrator is waterproof and has a convenient twist-base control. The soft and smooth texture will lovingly caress your sensitive spots, while the curved tip will make sure you have an intense orgasm...
    Án VSK: 3.625 kr. 4.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
  • Deluxe Bunny
    Rabbit vibrator with multi-speed vibration With a suction cup Strap-on compatible A different kind of hunting trophy for the wall! Rabbit vibrator with multi-speed vibration. The stimulating grooves and pronounced glans provide additional pleasure. The suction cup means that hands-free fun is possib..
    Án VSK: 8.060 kr. 9.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Cocktail – Share the passion
    Couple vibrator with 2 motors Vibro-plug/ -arm with 10 vibration modes each Stimulates anus, vagina and penis during sex Can be controlled with wireless remote or on toy Waterproof Sensitive plug with stimulation grooves Skin friendly silicone Rechargeable - incl. USB charging cable Intense stimulat..
    Án VSK: 15.319 kr. 18.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
    Find and massage your G-Spot in style! Slide the gently arched tip towards your most sensitive internal erogenous zone –then experience leg-shaking thrills! Let the powerful, state-of-the-art 10-speed motor do all the work –while you get all the orgasms! Take this waterproof pleasure toy into the tu..
    Án VSK: 8.867 kr. 10.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 3 stk
    Give your G-Spot the thumping love it craves! This rechargeable silicone stimulator thumps against your G-Spot, giving your deepest erogenous zones the intense stimulation you crave. Meanwhile, pleasure beads create a rolling ‘come hither motion against your clit that feels just like stroking finger..
    Án VSK: 18.544 kr. 22.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 3 stk
    Experience orgasmic G-Spot massage and toe-curling clitoral pleasure at the same time – all in one wild vibrating package. This pleaser’s curvy, bulbous head slides in smoothly and nestles against your G-Spot. As you play, the clitoral stimulator’s nubs dance against your hot spot. An easy wired con..
    Án VSK: 4.835 kr. 5.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Inflatable Vibrator Petit
    Inflatable vibrator Automatic inflatable function via the button 10 vibration modes Aerodynamic shape and a beautiful handle Inflatable vibrator for connoisseurs! This vibrator finds all the important hotspots, thanks to its aerodynamic shape, and stimulates them with its 10 vibration modes. However..
    Án VSK: 15.319 kr. 18.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • G-Spot Vibrator
    Anatomical shape Flexible 10 vibration modes Waterproof Includes a USB cable Spot on G-spot stimulation! Curved and flexible G-spot vibrator with a tip that gets thicker towards the end for breathtaking orgasms. The vibrator is velvety soft, extremely intense and has 10 different vibration modes. Th..
    Án VSK: 12.093 kr. 14.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Couple´s Vibrator Mini Romeo
    Enjoy without using your hands! Clip-shaped, flexible couple´s vibrator Mini Romeo, which simultaneously stimulates clitoris and G-spot and can be worn during sex. With grooves on the insertion part for additional stimulation. The 2 powerful motors have 10 whisper-quiet vibration modes each that can..
    Án VSK: 19.351 kr. 23.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Proposition Pink
    The very special lover! T-shaped curved G-spot vibrator with a nubby clit stimulator (length 6 cm, Ø 2.2-2.9 cm) and an anus stimulator (length 7.4 cm, Ø 1.2-1.7 cm). Pink. 3-step vibration, controllable on the push of a button. Material: silicone. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x AAA)...
    Án VSK: 5.883 kr. 7.295 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Good Times Vibrator
    G-bletts titrari. Lend 21,5 cm. Þvermál 2-3,5 cm. Efni: ABSTitrarinn tekur 2 AA rafhlöður...
    Án VSK: 4.512 kr. 5.595 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 3 stk
  • G-spot Labia Spreader
    Finndu g-blettinn með glennunni. Fjólublá glenna sem hægt er að nota til að glenna út leggöng eða skapabarma. Hún er stíf en sveigjanleg. Efni: Silicone..
    Án VSK: 6.851 kr. 8.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk