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  • RC G- & P-Spot Vibrator
    G-/P-spot vibrator with a clitoris/balls stimulator Convenient remote control Simultaneous internal & external stimulation 3 motors 7 vibration modes – separately or combined Waterproof Silicone with a silky soft surface Toy and remote rechargeable – USB cable included Triple motor power for intense..
    Án VSK: 16.125 kr. 19.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
  • RC Rotating Prostate Plug with Vibration
    Vibrating anal plug with rotating P-spot tip Remote control (10 m range) 2 powerful motors 10 vibration modes Secure stopper Stimulating design Silky-soft silicone Waterproof Rechargeable – USB charging cable included Incl. Batteries for the remote control Swinging vibration directly on the P-spot! ..
    Án VSK: 12.899 kr. 15.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 3 stk
  • Flexible Prostate Stimulator with 3 Motors
    Flexible vibrating anal plug with 3 motors For intense anal pleasures 7 vibration modes, controllable via button Wavy shaft with P-spot tip Vibrating stimulation of the perineum Secure anchor-shaped stopper Silky-soft silicone Waterproof Rechargeable – USB charging cable included Triple anal fun! An..
    Án VSK: 12.093 kr. 14.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
  • Kúlulaga blöðruháls-titrari
    With vibration Base with stimulating elements Relentlessly stimulates the prostate! Pleasures the prostate for even more impressive erections and orgasms – this is what this black P-spot vibrator is made for thanks to its curved design. The three connected beads on the shaft provide exciting stimula..
    Án VSK: 6.851 kr. 8.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
    Men love their tools, and this powerful P-spot stimulator is no exception! With 7 mind-blowing speeds and a textured shaft and tip, its gentle curves are designed to reach the prostate effortlessly. Prostate orgasms are one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences a man can have, and the right ..
    Án VSK: 18.544 kr. 22.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
    Features anal plug with penis rings and ring shaped ball strap. Unique combined sensations for intense pleasure. Penis rings, ball strap and anal plug connected by leash Waterproof, non-vibrating anal plug Anal plug is 2.42 inches long, 1.52 inches wide. Entire leash is 14.5 inches long. Ball strap ..
    Án VSK: 6.044 kr. 7.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 6 stk
  • P-Motion Massager
    The P-Motion is strategically designed to rock your prostate—it features a tapered tip to ease insertion and an angled head that houses a micro-bullet within the silicone to deliver super-strong vibrations directly to your P-Spot. Choose between five powerful patterns of vibration and get ready to e..
    Án VSK: 17.738 kr. 21.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Typpahringur með áföstum p-bletta örvara. Typpahringurinn gerir þig stærri og meiri á meðan örvarinn skilar þér magnaðri fullnægingu. Efni: Silicone..
    Án VSK: 5.641 kr. 6.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk