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  • Latex Gloves
    Dipped in an anatomical shape Short Skin-tight The perfect accessory for a latex outfit! The black, dipped gloves are in an anatomical shape and are 0.4 mm thick. Latex, made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies...
    Án VSK: 8.060 kr. 9.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • LEELA – Lucie Deirre Collection
    White, lace gloves. Colour: white Size: 8-10 / SMALL-MEDIUM, 12-14 / L-XL Material: lace Decoration: lace Product features: tailored, semitransparent..
    Án VSK: 3.222 kr. 3.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 5 stk
    These snow-white gloves with cuts and decorative lace will add a sensual and still subtle touch to any bride. They emphasize the subtlety of hands and fit the body perfectly. They will offer a unique and elegant addition to classical wedding dresses. Size: S/L Composition: 92% Polyester 8% Elastane..
    Án VSK: 3.222 kr. 3.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 2 stk
    The sensual Gloves Model 3 wedding gloves decorated with a wonderful lace will add a unique touch to the hands of every bride. Floral decorative patterns are both elegant and feminine. The gloves fit the hands perfectly and will offer a unique addition to a wedding dress. Size: S/L Composition: 92% ..
    Án VSK: 3.222 kr. 3.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • GLOVES MODEL 12.jpg
    Playful lady’s black gloves. Fishnet gloves, finger sensual lace. Layering like a flower lace fabrics of an interesting trim are sewn into around wrists. Elastic gloves, easy to put on and take off. Exceptional attention was given to the chick and elegant details. The gloves in an exciting way match..
    Án VSK: 3.706 kr. 4.595 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
    Unique black gloves made from sensual lace and glossy sateen. Long fingerless lady’s gloves perfectly fits the body. Patterned lace beautifully highlights lady’s hands and makes them slimmer visually. The gloves have an interesting design with collars flaring at the beginning and end. It gives a spe..
    Án VSK: 3.625 kr. 4.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk