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  • Spaði
    Paddle with a reinforced handle in a laced design Stylish faux leather with purple suede Multi-layered One side lightly padded Rounded, seamed edge With a hand loop Discipline your slave! Black/purple multi-layered paddle. One side is softly padded. With stitched borders. The handle is covered in su..
    Án VSK: 5.238 kr. 6.495 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Mini Flogger
    Easy to use mini flogger Plenty of soft tails Elegant smooth leather imitate For beginners and experts Exciting discipline! This black mini flogger is in a beautiful smooth leather look and its handle is also covered in material. It is the perfect accessory for Dom/sub roleplay! Let the soft tails g..
    Án VSK: 3.544 kr. 4.395 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • Flogger
    Easy-to-use flogger with 2 colours Numerous soft fronds Sturdy design, beautiful look For beginners and experts For bittersweet strokes! Small red/black flogger with numerous soft fronds and a handle that is covered in material. The material is in two different colours. 38 cm long. Textile (microfi..
    Án VSK: 4.835 kr. 5.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • SEI MIO - Tyre Paddle – Red
    Perfect for experimentation or seasoned spanking enthusiasts, this vegan, waterproof paddle is double-sided, so you can choose the sensation - sleek and smooth or rugged tyre-textured. Whether you leave an impression or not is down to you. • Stylish, sophisticated, made to last. • Provocative, port..
    Án VSK: 6.448 kr. 7.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk
  • S&M Studded Paddle
    The smooth side can be used as a traditional slapper and the studded side for a more intense result! For added sensations, place the paddle in the freezer and invent your own Sex & Mischief...
    Án VSK: 5.641 kr. 6.995 kr.
    Lagerstaða Smiðjuvegi: 1 stk